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The Power of the Unconscious
Your subconscious can be your worst enemy or even your best ally

Perhaps you've already tried different methods without seeing results and changes that last in the long term?


You might find yourself saying  “I know what it is that I should be doing or thinking , but I can't do it”. It's like “it's always stronger than me”.  


But between us, if it was only a question of willpower, you would have already succeeded. 


Behind every problem hides an unconscious part. This unconscious part we cannot control voluntarily and consciously.  And this is why hypnosis is so effective. 

The fields of application of hypnosis

Sleep quality 


Thought that keep you awake "mental load"

"International" timetable.

Self-confidence and Self-Esteem

There are periods, experiences, encounters that can hurt confidence and self-esteem. Hypnosis helps overcome fears, doubts and insecurities. 

Food phobias and compulsiveness

The various phobias are quickly treated. 

Food compulsions are also quickly treated. However, our relationship to food is complex. That's why I suggest to take several sessions, so that we can properly tackle it. 


Problem with a person at work,

Breakup, separation, divorce

Conflict with a person

Need to find clarity and serenity

Boost shot


Lack of motivation

Lack of energy

Feeling a bit "burnt out". 

Creativity and Consciousness Expansion 

When you get stuck on a problem, the modified state of consciousness can unblock it. Your creativity, innovation unlocks and solutions arrive. 

Stress and Mindset

Particularly intense period

Difficulty concentrating /

Need to lighten the mental load 

Wanting to feel free and light

High performance

You have goals (sports, exams, financial, professional) and you want to put the odds on your side. Your subconscious can be your worst enemy or your best ally.

Regulation of emotions

Sometimes we have the impression that we can't help how we feel and react to certain situations. Hypnosis will transform your reactions and give you back your control. 

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  • What happens during a session?
    At each session there is an interview to target the objective of this session and the understanding of the problem. From there, I build the session according to the elements collected (there is no reading of text already done). So each session is unique and tailor-made for you.
  • How many sessions?
    Each story and each person is unique, it is impossible to give a fixed number of sessions. However, hypnosis is part of brief solution-oriented therapies. The results in Hypnosis are obtained quickly (generally after the first session there is a change). However, it is a therapeutic process, which is why I always recommend starting with 2 to 3 sessions. If after 3 sessions, nothing has changed, we stop working together. That just means it's not the accompaniment you need. I see people between 2 and 8 sessions. The sessions are spaced about ten days apart at the beginning and become more and more spaced out over time.
  • How do I know if I am receptive to hypnosis?
    It is estimated that more than 90% of the receptivity rate for a first session. It is important to note that the brain learns to enter hypnosis and that from one session to another, we increase our brain's ability to enter hypnosis more and more quickly and easily.
  • I don't want to lose control
    It's perfect, because even if we work with your unconscious, you remain perfectly conscious! In reality the state of hypnosis is a state that you already know. However it is necessary to differentiate, initially, the hypnosis of spectacle (Messmer) of the therapeutic hypnosis. There is a higher percentage of people naturally resistant to show hypnosis. This is also why before taking a person on stage for a demonstration, the hypnotist tests them and then selects them.
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