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My philosophy in a nutshell

"What you resist, persist

What you flee follows you,

but luckily what you face fades away

and everything you have visualized can actualise”

My Story 

Behind every coach hides a man or a woman. Let me introduce you to the woman I am so you can understand the coach I have become...


As a child, school was earned. Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 6, teachers hardly encouraged me to go to university. Life began with an apprenticeship that seemed insurmountable to me: reading. It was without counting on my strength and my determination as well as incredible support and tough love from my parents. Tutors later, at barely 11 years old, it finally clicks, I can read fluently in English and French. Writing however is still a challenge and was a difficulty I had to cope with up until my last year of University. I am not the "golden" student with perfect grades, but I had gritt and ambition.


I understood that in order to keep doors open and create opportunities, for my future, after being a student I couldn't rely on my grades. So I had to strategise and innovate. That's how I ended up knocking on the directors door of research in cognitive psychology asking to assist researchers. I knew that if I wanted to one day be a researcher, I would need connections more than good grades. That's how I ended up working as a research assistant for 2,5 years. A beautiful experience that also confirmed "I'm nor made to be a researcher". 

The frustration you feel when you know you can be more than what the system allows you to be because you can't fit "their standards" has a very specific taste. And it gets you hungry. 


From the pages of books to the dance steps (I danced for more than 20 years in classical and jazz dance) I joined semi-professional dance companies at a very young age. Life is a dance but reality is more Rock'n'roll. Toxic environments and people push me over the edge. My body and mind start acting up. I come to the realisation that I don't like the results of my life. " All of this hard work, and fighting for this?!?"


At just 21 years old, I react and I make the choice: Enough of the people pleasing, and conforming to what's expected of me. It's time I start living on my own terms. Determined to not let this "feeling" be the rest of my life. I  start a follow-up in psychotherapy. 

The approach was not so simple. The wounds were deep but they were ready to heal. And I healed. I let myself be angry, cry and stop putting the pressure of "I'm strong and I've got it". Interestingly that's the moment I felt myself getting stronger. I had a job, an apartment and I frequented the benches of the University. Step by step I was entering a life that seemed perfect from the outside but the balance remained fragile...


However, something was missing. I was living but I wasn't alive. I moved but without dynamism. I learned without enthusiasm. From time to time I had a spark of an idea, a glimmer of hope. I wanted to do something big different. But this was always met with skepticism and deterrence. Around me, at university, my professors, my peers, my friends and my family were simply advising me to conform in a wise, orderly and comfortable life, to find my place. Yes, but where? I inevitably heard this little voice telling me “This is not your place”. Again I was exhausted, sad, disillusioned, maybe I do have a problem... 

One day, a very dear friend reassured me "You are not sick, you are just at odds with your life path". 

Shortly after that I discovered coaching. This approach kicked my butt and big changes started to take place in me. Unlike therapy, which analyzed, coaching gave me back my own power of action.   For the first time in my life, I was not in front of someone who wanted to understand my problems, I was in front of someone who wanted to see me succeed.


This coach was a catalyst for me. He taught me to trust myself, to believe in myself and to stop apologising for seeing the world differently and ambition that made others feel uncomfortable. I was free to succeed and become who I wanted to be. He was not afraid to confront me with my inconsistencies, my false excuses. One of the first things he said to me was, "I always respect the person, never their problems."

At that time I discovered Ericksonian and conversational hypnosis. I felt and experienced the changes inside and out. I was driven by the power that develops with breathwork and altered states of consciousness in psychology. I navigated my life in full awareness and power.

Thanks to the combination of all these experiences, both personal and professional, I finished my studies and obtained a master's degree in science and psychology of work and organizations. I started to practice as a psychologist, in a company while at the same time following the training and certification of coaching from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


From training in practice, I decided to open my own coaching firm very quickly. And yes people thought I was crazy, going to fail and regret it. But it didn't stop me. 


 Later, I enriched my training with a certificate of master practitioner in Ericksonian hypnosis. I offer support both in a hypnosis practice and online through targeted coaching programs.

So ready to work together? 

Vision and Mission

Today, my mission is to share with as many people as possible that with the right tools and by unlocking your mind, anything is possible.  But it's up to us to go get it, and make it happen. When there is a will, there is a way.


Training and qualifications



Master of science in psychology of work and organizations  (University of Neuchâtel) .


Modules spécifiques :           (2014 -2016)   


leadership development

Guidance Counseling



Bachelor of science Psychology (University of Lausanne) (2011-2014)




Brief Therapies:  


Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis  (Vaud, Romand College)  (2018-2019)

Natal hypnosis (Lise Bartoli method) 

Diet and weight loss


Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis  (Vaud, Romand College)  (2018)


ICF Coach Certification  (Vaud, Romand College)  (2016-2017)

Pentanology  Usha Veda (2018-2019)

EFT Practitioner  ( 2019) 

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