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Put your life in perspective

800 € for 4 sessions

Relationship Management

A Relationship Management with Jennifer Picci High Performance Coach will be unlike any other coaching program. I know that each person who comes to see me is in a unique situation, and has their own needs, both in terms of coaching and economics. That's why my Relationship Management session card is as flexible as possible. Call me and get to work !

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950 € for 4 sessions

Setting professional goals

At Jennifer Picci High Performance Coach, I give my clients the valuable advice and support they need at suitable rates. Setting career goals is a great choice, whether you're working with a career coach for the first time, or you're a regular. Schedule a session without delay and get results beyond your expectations.

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200 € for 1 hour

personal coaching

Personal coaching is one of the most popular coaching formulas I offer, and one that guarantees the most results. Your individual or group Personal Coaching sessions will be based on the knowledge, experience and strategies that I have developed over my many years as a Professional Life Coach. Contact me for more information, and to reserve your place in the program.

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